WFCO 30 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch w/Installation Included


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WFCO 30 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch

with Installation Included

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WFCO 30 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch


The T-30 automatic transfer switch is designed for use in RV's with 30 Amp AC service. When plugged into the shore power it will automatically provide AC power to all AC appliances. To operate your appliances from an on-board generator, simply start the generator and the PMTS-30 will (after 20-30 seconds) automatically transfer the electrical power to AC appliances. (The time delay of 20-30 seconds allows the generator voltage to stabilize.)

The T-30 can be installed on the back of a WFCO 8900 Series Power center or, like the t-57, can be easily mounted to any flat surface. The compact design allows for placement in areas with limited space. Both transfer switches are engineered for safe and reliable performance.